Electric vehicles you can actually afford


We have a range of low mileage electric vehicles available starting at $18,000. Get in touch for more details.

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Nissan Leaf AZEO

2013 - 2015 24 kWh battery with 110 km range from $18,000

2016 - 2017 30 kWh battery with 170 km range from $30,000

leaf ze1.png

Nissan Leaf ZE1

2017 -2019 40 kWh battery with 240 km range from $42,000


Nissan eNV200

2014-2017 24 kWh battery with 160km range from $32,000

2018 40 kWh battery with 180km range from $45,000

All our cars have:

No less than 10 of the original 12 battery capacity bars

Less than 60,000 kms, often much less.

Our cars are used cars imported from Japan. All our cars have Australian compliance and have been thoroughly inspected and certified by our EV experts.

We offer full support and a 6 month, 7000km warranty on all vehicles.

Government costs of stamp duty and registration vary from state to state


Services Overview


Electric Vehicle charging Equipment

We offer a full range of electric vehicle charging equipment


English conversion for japanese imports

We can convert instrument cluster (dashboard display) and head-units (stereo, GPS, climate control) for all early model Nissan Leafs 2013-2016 with carwings, and later model 2016 - 2017 Nissan connect units.


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